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The details of this number
Country: United States
Province / State: Texas
Primary City: San Antonio
Area Codes: 210
County: Bexar
International format: +1 2104179464
Phone Type: Landline Numbers
Phone Company: Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx

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Top 12 phone scams: Please remember and protect yourself

1.Tax Scams (IRS and CRA)

Someone claiming to be from the IRS says you owe taxes and penalties. If you don't pay by credit card, you're threatened with arrest or legal action.

2.Elderly scams

These frauds cover everything from Medicare and health insurance to faulty anti-aging products and even funeral and cemetery plots.

3.Online Dating Scams

Fake profiles of scammers posing as attractive men and women, then claiming they need money to help in an emergency.

4.Employment scam

Scammers may say they have a job opening or can guarantee job placement if you first pay a fee to cover the cost it takes to place you in a job.

5.Government Grants

Informing you qualify for a government grant. In order to receive the grant, you must first send a processing or delivery fee, usually via wire transfer or a prepaid debit card.

6. Telemarketer

Scammers are using telemarketing techniques to lure victims into giving out credit card numbers, as well as bank account information.

7. Tech Support

They say if you give “tech support” access to your hard drive, they can fix it. Instead, they install malware on your computer and start stealing your personal information.

8.Recovery/Refund Companies

A scammer contacts and claims you owe money on a debt or the scammer offers to recover money lost in a previous scam

9. Loan-related scams

False promises of business or personal loans, even if credit is bad, for a fee upfront. Or a scam that promises to repair your credit for a fee.

10.Home security systems

The caller offers a free home security system, and may mention a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood to frighten the victim into action.

11.Free Holidays

Callers tell receivers they have won a free vacation, hotel stay, or trip. However, fraudsters use high-pressure sales tactics to spur victims to give up credit card information to pay for tax or additional fees.


Congratulating them on winning a substantial prize in a national lottery. They are told they must send money to pay for administration fees and taxes. The prize, of course, does not exist.

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  • Post by Guest,
    Local area code to my home phone so I answered, but then a hangup. Now it is BLOCKED!!!
Phone Company:Level 3 Communications, Llc - Tx

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424 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Fake irs caller. Smh


321 Area Code
Reported Guest,
He left me a couple of messages saying I was going to be served. This was in February. It's April and I've not been served with anything. Just threats. Block the calls and disregard.


240 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Keep calling and hanging up


201 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Received a call this morning.


202 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Numerous of calls from phone number 202-154-7542 shows up on my Caller ID - no messages are left. This leads me to do nothing other than to slam the scammer.


260 Area Code
Reported Guest,
Actually, I got this number through Tinder. The message read like something you'd expect from a spambot, with a number to text and scam you into paying for one of those sex chats. Not going to text or call this number unless I know for sure it's a real person.